Amazing Indoor Water Feature Ideas

Water features are generally associated with outdoor gardens, adding a serene bubbling stream to lush natural areas. But you can also get that feeling of relaxation inside the house with a water feature inside.

The uses of water in the house are endless, from small accent pieces to room dividers. Read on to find out how and where to use the water features inside. You could be inspired to use these unusual features in your own home.

Get a zen atmosphere

The Zen style is one of the most classic house styles in terms of indoor aquatic features. With Zen, all that is natural helps create the soothing and relaxing feeling that defines Zen style. Water features can be used to form indoor ponds or to complement an indoor Zen garden. You can use water features to create peace in unusual spaces, such as the previously unused area under the stairs of the photo above.

Place subtle water features near windows

A characteristic of water does not have to be a big test. The picture above shows a piece of water that is simply a small pond surrounding a decorative pot. Its positioning through the window is essential because it allows the pool to capture natural light. Reflective light draws attention to the small water appliance.

This style is particularly interesting if you have little space. Placing a smaller water feature on the side means you have more floor space while using natural light to enhance the beauty of the function.

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