Designer Tips to Style Your Nightstand

Night tables have a way of attracting clutter with daily use. Is there really a way to organize the things we keep at hand every night? We spoke with top interior designers to determine their preferred methods of maximizing this small area while making it a stylish place in the bedroom. Instead of using your bedside table as a tote, you can set it to be functional and appealing with these simple ideas:

Style with technology in mind

Los Angeles-based interior designer Mark Cutler offers practical tips for integrating your technology needs while creating a beautiful bedside table: “I think the basic rule is to start with what you need. Are you a technician with multiple remotes? Then find a nice box to store them. ”

The way we use our bedside tables should also determine how we style them. “Another thing to consider is this: what do you want to see early in the morning?” Says Cutler. “A framed picture of your family? An alarm clock? Or maybe just a glorious open space? Try to make the nightstand a reflection of you. As a general rule, my bedside table always has a carafe of water, a cool retro alarm clock, a book or two, a vase with fresh flowers from my garden and a large table lamp. “

Incorporate feng shui

The principles of Feng Shui promote balance and positive energy in all rooms. Patricia Lohan, an expert in feng shui, says “the bedroom must be rest, romance and relaxation.” As for the bedside table, she says that balance is essential. “For relationships, we want harmony and balance, so that both sides of the bed should be treated equally.”

Patricia recommends incorporating solid wood bedside tables, soft tone lamps and edifying books. If you want to go even further, try placing a frame or object with inspirational quotes on your nightstand.

Patricia suggests above all to keep your nightstand clear. Having too many items next to your bed can affect your sleep.

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