Ideas for Fun, Cute Halloween Decorating

Do you want to decorate for Halloween, but you have the impression that every time you go to the Halloween store, you only see horrible bats stinging blood, hanging from the ceiling and a trash can. sliced plastic? Maybe you are the kind of person who loves Halloween, but not his bloody side. You can even love Halloween, as long as it stays in the cute Halloween decoration category. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no reason for you to fight your nauseated reflex when decorating your home for Halloween. You will find below some decorating ideas for an adorable Halloween filled with good fun.

Make banners with stylish black, orange and white fabric

This idea has a Halloween vibe while staying away from any distinct and scary image. If you do not want your house covered with ghouls, witches and monsters, focus on your color scheme. Any fabric with Halloween colors, whether it is a fabric or not the theme of Halloween, can be cut into a triangular banner and attached to a string to be suspended, as shown in the picture. -above. The burlap arches also add a rustic harvest theme to the banner.

Use subtle pieces with fun words

Another interesting idea for Halloween decorating is to find articles with funny words on the theme of Halloween. You get the Halloween spirit without having to look for more traditional scary images. For example, the vase on the photo above says “Boo” with an autumn ribbon tied around it.

Your possibilities are endless. You can easily go to the craft store to buy pre-cut individual letters and attach them to anything. A picture frame might have the phrase “Trick-or-Treat” on it. Or, a plastic pumpkin could read “Happy Halloween”. Half of the fun is to see how creative you can be.

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